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  • Version: 6.2
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.
  • File Name: CheatEngine62.exe
  • File Size: 6.49 MB
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Cheat Engine for Windows Change Log

Checkout what's new in Cheat Engine for Windows Version (6.2)

Here's a breakdown of the exciting changes in Cheat Engine 6.2:

Stability and Bug Fixes:

  • Plugin Activation on Restart: The first plugin now correctly activates after restarting.
  • Unknown Initial Value Scan: Custom types now support scanning for unknown initial values.
  • Auto Assembler Highlighter: Resolved issues where text was hidden while typing and hexadecimal values (starting with A to F) were not displayed correctly.
  • Global Debug: Fixed crashes in 64-bit systems using DBVM.
  • DBVM Functionality: Addressed freezing issues on several systems.
  • Close Notification: Fixed notifications when closing with unsaved changes.
  • Structure Spider Rescan: Resolved issues with the structure spider rescan functionality.
  • Disassembler and Assembler: Fixed multiple instruction-related issues.
  • Plugin System: Corrected several bugs affecting the plugin system.
  • AOBScan for 64-bit: Fixed issues with an array of byte scans.
  • Register Display in 64-bit: Resolved issues with displaying registers in 64-bit during "find what (x) this address" operations.
  • Stack View: Fixed issues with the stack view during single-stepping.
  • Lua Functions: Corrected various Lua functions, including `createhotkey`.
  • Assembler Name Handling: Improved handling of names containing a dash (e.g., the tutorial).

Additions and Enhancements:

  • Profiler: Added a profiler to identify function entry points and their call frequency.
  • Plugin Deletion: Deleting a plugin now correctly calls FreeLibrary.
  • LuaEngine Form: Ctrl+Enter in the LuaEngine form now executes the command automatically.
  • Direct 3D Hook Functions: Added functions to display trainers and menus within games.
  • Plugin Settings Separation: Plugin settings are now separated between 32-bit and 64-bit executables.
  • Address Recalculation: When recalculating addresses with a single selection, only the siblings and children are updated, leaving the parent node unchanged.
  • Address List Notation: Entries can now include +x and -x notations to automatically adjust based on the parent address.
  • Structure Dissect: Completely rewritten and functions are now exposed to Lua.
  • Tutorial Update: Added a new step (step 9) to the tutorial on handling shared code, and made the tutorial translatable.
  • New Trainer Type: Introduced a smaller trainer type (tiny) for a more compact size.
  • Group Scan Type: Added a new scan type to search for different things within the same block.
  • DBVM Boot-Up: No need to sign the driver in 64-bit systems to load DBVM.
  • Custom Types: Now support handling as floating-point values.
  • Threadview Enhancements: Added debug register states and the ability to change registers within the thread view window.
  • Remote Scanning: Added remote scanning capabilities with CE for various systems, including a proof-of-concept Android server (requires a fast network connection).
  • Address Window Update: Made the add/change address window more compact and improved handling of offsets.
  • New Lua Functions: Introduced numerous new Lua functions for enhanced scripting.

Cheat Engine 6.2 brings a host of bug fixes and new features to enhance your experience. Enjoy improved stability, new functionalities, and a more user-friendly interface!


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