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Key Features

Some Key Features of Cheat Engine

Memory scanning

allows you to search for specific values in the game's memory and find the location where they are stored.


allows you to change the game's speed, making it run faster or slower.

Code injection

allows you to inject code into the game's process and modify its behavior.

Lua scripting

allows you to write scripts in Lua programming language to automate tasks.

Data visualization

allows you to view the game's memory in different formats, such as hexadecimal or disassembled.

Support for multiple games

Cheat Engine is compatible with a wide variety of games and can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Open Source

Cheat engine is open source software, you can also use it for learning or modifying as per your requirement.

Pointer scanner

allows you to search for memory addresses that point to a specific value, which can be useful for finding dynamically allocated memory.

Structure Dissector

allows you to define and view the memory layout of a specific data structure in the game.


allows you to set up custom hotkeys to quickly activate or deactivate cheats.

Multi-language support

Cheat Engine supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users all over the world.


third party plugins can be used to extend the functionality of Cheat Engine.

Remote process

allows you to connect to another computer and debug or modify a game running on that machine.

Advanced searching

advanced searching options allow you to narrow down your search results and find the exact values you're looking for.

Save and Load

allow you to save and load your cheat tables, so you can easily switch between different cheat configurations.

Game-specific features

Cheat Engine includes game-specific features for certain games, such as the ability to view and edit game textures.

Cheat Engine Logo - Fileion Cheat Engine